Voices From Connecticut – Bridgeport

By , CT Mirror | March 12, 2019

The Connecticut Mirror is conducting ongoing conversations with members of various communities about topics of  interest to them, their families and the public.   We are meeting with college students in Hartford, people living with a behavioral health challenge in New Haven, people with young children in Bridgeport, and ALICE residents (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) in Waterbury.  We recently asked the Bridgeport group to complete this sentence: “Revitalizing Connecticut’s major cities is a good investment of my state tax burden if…”

Dan Pflug, Easton

… it incentivizes companies to bring high-paying jobs to our state.

Amy Parkinson, Bridgeport

… more companies would move here to produce more jobs and education.

Elman Rodriguez, Bridgeport

… investments in education, innovation, and bringing major companies to Connecticut would improve revenues.

Kerry Whitham, Stratford

… it brings companies and better jobs to the city, which would bring more tax revenue to the city, surrounding towns, and the state.

Jessica Racaniello, Stratford

… there would be job creation, crime reduction, education, new companies, and better utilization of my taxes… and we would stop being told there is no money.

Jamie Banks, Bridgeport

… new schools are built, neighborhoods are cleaned up, and new employment opportunities are available. You want to know where your tax dollars are being invested.