Chris Powell

Commentary: More than housing policy is behind decline of Connecticut’s cities

By , Republican American | September 28, 2019

Last year’s Republican nominee for governor, Bob Stefanowski, stopped into a supermarket in New Haven this week, leading a posse of four clergymen and the Republican candidate for mayor in West Haven, hoping to score political points by criticizing the grocery tax mess made by the Lamont administration. Instead, as the New Haven Register reported,…

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Commentary: More money for cities? It has failed for 40 years

By , Republican American | July 22, 2019

In recent weeks seven Connecticut news organizations have gotten together in what they have called the Cities Project, examining ways of reviving the state’s struggling cities. Much of the reporting has been about raising revenue — extracting more financial aid from state government; applying property taxes to colleges, hospitals, and other nonprofits; allowing cities to…

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