Voices From Connecticut – Waterbury

By , CT Mirror | March 13, 2019

The Cities Project, a collaboration between CT Mirror, CT Public Radio, Hearst CT, The Hartford Courant, Republican-American of Waterbury, Hartford Business Journal, and Purple States, will publish periodic articles exploring challenges and solutions related to revitalizing Connecticut’s cities. 

As part of the cities project, we recently asked a group of residents from Waterbury  “How important do you think exciting, vibrant, livable cities are to keeping young people in Connecticut and attracting jobs to Connecticut?  Why do you say that?”

Sophia Weber:

They are important for keeping young talent in. However, depending on large capitalist firms to save us is misguided.

Rachel Murray:

Critically important. Most people today are not looking to live in the country. If cities are inviting, safe, attractive, welcoming with culture and good jobs, and promote a sense of community, I think more people will be interested in residing in Connecticut cities.

Lisa Ferrucci:

Very important. Safe, inviting cities with social venues, job opportunities, either existing or new business, and a sense of community will lead people to want to establish themselves in the area.

Dolores Nowell:

It’s very important. You have to make it worth their while to live here and to stay here. Offer more money, less taxes for all young people.

Nikki Allison

It’s very important since the young people will be leading the world soon. We need to get cities more family oriented.

Tomas Olivo:

It is extremely important because vibrant cities attract people, especially young people: safety, nightlife, things to do, jobs, etc. If people are entertained, they are more likely to enjoy living nearby and staying.

Terry Felton:

Very important, small business and restaurants would attract jobs and in turn attract people stimulating the economy.

Jacqueline McGrath-Curtis:

Technology advancements and attractions for the millennials will keep young people in Connecticut, along with nearby affordable rents.

Sandy Phair:

I think it is very important – bringing in recreational activities such as health, fitness centers, businesses that promote health and well-being, family activities, and sports centers to keep young families and lead them to take roots in their community and want to settle in.